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February 2020
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Taking control of my health….
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How I Take Control Of My Health Every Time I Open My Mouth

I think that we all know how important good health is. The question is, what is actually healthy and unhealthy? I know that some people spend hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars on medications that their usually well-meaning doctors have advised them to take, all in the name of ‘good health’. However, that is not even close to striving for good health. On the contrary, it can often reap horrible side effects!

I firmly believe that the keys to good health include an organic whole foods diet consisting of plant based vegan (dairy free), soy free, gluten free, unprocessed foods. When I prepare these foods homemade, my body always thanks me! One of my favorite, natural products to use is Veden. Veden is the only plant based, soy free protein that I recommend. I love mixing it in with my smoothies once or twice every day for a delicious, natural alternative to all of the heavily processed junk foods. It comes in a powder form and is packed full of all of my daily vitamins and minerals, fiber, omega 3, protein, probiotics, and enzymes! Get it today

4 Responses to “Taking control of my health….”

  1. Patricia Edwards Says:
    I totally agree with you here. Organic food, veggies and fruits is the best for the lunch. And plenty of water and a walk in the morning will keep you away from doctor.
  2. Rita Ramirez Says:
    It’s very important to take care of your health and body. If you do not give proper attention, you can be overweight in few weeks. And then it’ll be very difficult to reduce that fat in years. I’ve already experienced such thing.
  3. Cindy Lui Says:
    Good for you! I wish you the best in your life and your health, especially. You are so right, too.
  4. Yvonne Ganders Says:
    We all need to take organic whole food which must be dairy free, soy free, gluten free and unprocessed. It will make our body perfect and also satisfy all our physical needs at the same time. I never heard of Veden, I think I should give it a try as it’s made from plant based and soy free protein.

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