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February 2020
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Anti Aging made simple!
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I will admit it – I want to look younger. Doesn’t everyone? From botox to spray on tans, we all have gone to drastic measures in a desperate attempt to at least look more youthful and vibrant. But what if you are trying too hard? What if the answer to anti-aging is as simple as the foods that you put into your body every day? Here are incredible anti-aging benefits that are made possible through a gluten free, no dairy, no soy, vegan, organic whole foods diet.

1. Improved energy levels

Not only do I enjoy looking younger – I enjoy feeling younger, too. The problem is that so many people load their bodies with refined sugars and fats not only make them sick, but also depleting them of energy. By consuming plant-based proteins and fresh produce, I believe that you will feel happier, more energized, and focused throughout the day. You really can’t ask for much more than that!

2. More radiant skin

When I first discovered a whole foods diet, I was in awe. For the first time in forever, my skin was radiant and blemish free! By avoiding processed foods and replacing them with high-quality organic produce and fibre, my skin looked more beautiful than ever. In particular, I believe that meeker red raspberries contribute to my now glowing skin. Full of skin healing antioxidants, these little berries are also full of ellagic acid, which may be anti-cancer. It’s a win win situation!

3. Lower cancer risk

Reservatrol, a member of the plant compounds polyphenols, is thought to be full of antioxidant properties that protect your body against heart disease and cancer. You can find reservatrol in plant-based foods like peanut butter, red grapes, berries, and red wine or grape extracts. Who know that there was a much simpler, cost-effective way to lower your cancer risk? I didn’t, until I heard about reservatrol.

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